UST Developer Conference, D3

Dec 5-6, 2019
Trivandrum, India
Theme: Speed
UST Global

D3 2019 RECAP

UST D3 Hackathon

Calling all developers, designers and architects to dream, develop and disrupt. Participate in the D3 Hackathon and Whitepaper contest - your gateway to D3, UST's prestigious Developer Conference.


Experience hands-on workshops with Digital Transformation use cases. Reacquaint yourselves with UST Global’s latest assets and technologies. Learn. Have fun.

Keynote Speeches

Listen to architects of digital transformation at UST Global and in the industry.

Technical Presentations

Be part of world-class demos and presentations on digital transformation.

D3 is back – It all begins NOW!

Dream Develop Disrupt

D3 is UST’s DevCon where the brightest minds in UST Global can meet, learn and develop their programming and engineering skills. Developers and technologists are our most prized assets. D3 has been designed for our developers, designers and builders.
Last year, D3 attracted close to 2500 developers, who gathered in Trivandrum for a spectacular technology experience curated around the theme of Transformation. Our hackathon winners and architects presented some world-class solutions and we witnessed the best in action. This year, D3 is back to ignite another technological revolution and the theme is Speed.

How to attend?
This December, our fourth DevCon will be held in Trivandrum, India, over a period of two days. Through the next few months there will be events that all technologists in UST can participate in, regardless of band and grade. Participation in these events are the only way to ensure you are part of D3. D3 is an invite-only event and invites are extended purely on merit, through your performance in the events over the next couple of months.

Why Speed?
What would you do, if you could transfer large volumes of data across the globe in sub-second? And what, if you could process petabytes in real-time? How about a walk on the moon from the comfort of your home? What if you could have real-time analytics on almost everything, available to you in seemingly organic ways? What if, augmented reality is the only reality?

Sounds like science fiction? A story in a world far-far away? Or will you be surprised if I told you this future is just around the corner? Fifth generation networks will let us transfer data up to 100 times faster than today. Quantum computing will render Moore’s Law irrelevant, and grant us access to limitless processing speeds. Such technologies will catapult us into that future, far sooner than we realize. For these technologies, once areas of research, are now rapidly evolving into commercial mainstream products that will usher in a new age – the age of speed. So, let’s ask ourselves two more questions; What do we know about such technologies? More importantly, how well do we understand their impact?

This D3, come find out.

D3 Archive

D3 Code Pursuit

How It Works

Check here for important dates and to learn more about the d3 hackathon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Submit your Idea

Go to https://d3codepursuit19.hackerearth.com/, click on ‘Login with SSO’, enter US Domain credentials to login.

Top 10 Teams

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Application Questionnaire

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We have amazing prizes for this years D3 code pursuit.

The D3 Award

Starting with D3 2017 we are happy to announce Developer Awards. These awards will be given to USsociates who exemplify the following characteristics:

Work Ethic

Works hard, works smart, works fast. Is honest and acknowledges what they know and what they don’t. Doesn’t waste time or resources. Always delivers, on time and with quality.

Technical Skills

Knows the ins and outs of their favorite technology. This could be anything – Java, C#, MongoDB, NodeJS, COBOL, Networking, Infrastructure Engineering or Database Management. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s related to a technology and the majority of their work involves working with the technology. MS Office, MS Project or similar software doesn’t count, sorry.

Learning and Evolving

In the time that you have known them, they have only improved their skills, both the breadth and depth of their skills. Think back to when you first met them and think about how far they have come. Do you think they will continue to learn and grow?

Team Player

Do they share their knowledge? Are they willing to help? Is this person the first to get involved when someone else in the team is facing a technical challenge? Do they put the success of the team before their own?


Greenfield International Stadium

Karyavattom, Thiruvananthapuram,

Kerala 695581, India